Midleton Very Rare 2020 Release

The question on everybody's lips for the 2020 MVR release was whether or not former Master Distiller, Brian Nation, would have his signature on the bottle, or if this would be the first in the Kevin O'Gorman series. We have an answer. Brian Nation pens his signature on this 2020 release, the 37th edition of... Continue Reading →

RedBreast Single Casks

Before we kick into the meat of this post, I’d like to take a moment to recognise the IWV community and give some quick updates. We are now 2,200+ people on the facebook group and 986 followers on Instagram with many regular contributors to the Survey which now tracks over 250 bottles from some of the top distillers in the country.... Continue Reading →

Come Fly with me……….

Ever since the release of the Redbreast Small Batch series in the US, I've been inundated with requests about how much they're worth - Guys, there have been very few open sales so let's chill out a little before we go too mad on prices. Once we have enough data, I'll do an update. This... Continue Reading →

A Different Class…

Everyone has that ONE bottle they aspire to have in their collection. Some are purely aspirational, some are just simply acquired by those fortunate to have the means to do so. In both cases, they are typically one of those listed below (most notably the Pearl). Midleton have had a number of notable releases over... Continue Reading →

Dry your eyes mate..

I've long been a big fan of Walsh Whiskey's, and have a permanent collection of "drinkers" in my collection of both the Writers Tears & Irishman brands. Incredible value for money in my opinion. But sadly, despite my interest, I missed an opportunity to pick up the first release (2011) of their annual Cask Strengths... Continue Reading →

Oh my “Dair”-ling

Technically Midleton's Dair Ghaelach Grinsell Wood (Tree 9) was the first super premium bottle of whiskey which I purchased, and the one which started me down the slippery slope of collecting Irish whiskey. I had always had a passing interest in Irish whiskey, and dabbled in the more "cost effective" end of buying, tasting and... Continue Reading →

Powerscourt Distillery

I'll kick off by admitting I have a bit of a soft spot for Powerscourt as I grew up down the road, and worked in the golf club for many years while in school giving out to golfers for slow play. I also got the 1st (Unofficial) hole in one on the West Course -... Continue Reading →

Damn you Dingle……

Update: October 2020 - If you want to see up to date prices, check out our collaboration partner, The Whiskey Companion here Before I kick off, I just wanted to say thanks again to all the contributors to the IWV group. Your input is growing the community at an impressive pace, and we can now... Continue Reading →

Midleton Madness (June 2019 Update)

Update: October 2020 - If you want to see up to date prices, check out our collaboration partner, The Whiskey Companion here Before I kick-off - I just wanted to thank the almost 1,000 facebook members and 450 instragrammers who are supporting not only this blog, but are adding their private sale results to The... Continue Reading →

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