Dry your eyes mate..

I've long been a big fan of Walsh Whiskey's, and have a permanent collection of "drinkers" in my collection of both the Writers Tears & Irishman brands. Incredible value for money in my opinion. But sadly, despite my interest, I missed an opportunity to pick up the first release (2011) of their annual Cask Strengths... Continue Reading →

Damn you Dingle……

Before I kick off, I just wanted to say thanks again to all the contributors to the IWV group. Your input is growing the community at an impressive pace, and we can now boast 500+ Insta followers, and over 1,100 members on the Facebook Page. Thank you all for the continued support and contributions. There... Continue Reading →

Pricey Purple Perfection!

Before we kick into the meat of this post, I'd like to take a moment to recognise the IWV community. We are now 300+ people on the facebook group and 170 followers on Instagram with many regular contributors to the Survey which now tracks over 230 bottles from some of the top distillers in the... Continue Reading →

And so it begins…..Collecting Tips!

On the off chance that someone somewhere accidentally clicks a link and ends up on this page - Welcome! I've been collecting Irish Whiskey for a few years now and often found it bizarre how some whiskeys explode in value over a very short period of time, and other (far superior) whiskeys have almost no... Continue Reading →

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